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Once Access Ability has directed you to your nearest local organisation, they can help you take the first step towards employing a person with a disability or support you if you already employ someone with a disability.

They can offer your business, whatever size or sector, high-quality employment support and efficient, cost-effective recruitment solutions. As well as all this, many services are free and at no cost to you as an employer!

What sort of help could you expect to receive?

Our specialist organisations can help you practically with:

  • workplace assessments, including Display Screen Equipment; and
  • ergonomic and specialist technical assessments.

But where Access Ability really comes into its own is our ability to direct you to organisations that can help you find and recruit job-ready candidates, and support them while they work for you.

Our organisations can:

  • help develop people with pre-work training and pre-screening;
  • match the right candidates with the right skills to your vacancies;
  • offer you extensive in-work support and advice on recruiting and managing people with disabilities;
  • run Disability Awareness Training; and
  • help with funding for reasonable workplace adjustments.

So what’s stopping you?

It’s simple – put your postcode into the search box on our search page and call your local organisation today. They will be happy to talk to you and give you all the information and advice you need.

Do you need to create new products or develop your service?

Disability inclusive teams are better at stimulating new product and service development – it’s a FACT!